Call For Papers


Call for Papers:

Tanzania Poultry Show 2023


Elevate the Poultry Industry: Call for Engaging Presentations!


The Poultry Association of Tanzania (PAT) organizer of the Annual – Tanzania Poultry Show 2023, cordially invites distinguished experts and practising professionals, to contribute their valuable insights and expertise to vital topics which are driving advancements in the poultry industry.


If you’re a visionary leader in poultry production and management, we extend a warm invitation to share your ideas by submitting proposals on the following categories:


  • Cutting-Edge Research in Poultry Nutrition: Disseminate groundbreaking research findings that focus on optimizing poultry nutrition to elevate both productivity and overall well-being.
  • Exploring Innovations in Poultry Feed Ingredients: Investigate novel ingredients with promising potential for integration into poultry feed formulations, fostering efficiency and sustainability.
  • Market Trends and Prospects for Innovation: Perform in-depth analyses of prevailing market dynamics and future projections within the poultry sector, pinpointing areas conducive to innovation and expansion.
  • Strategies for Supply Chain Enhancement and Demand Forecasting: Deliberate upon the trajectory of the poultry supply chain, coupled with adept methodologies for projecting and fulfilling consumer demand.
  • Modernizing Poultry Product Retailing: Scrutinize strategies for the effective promotion and distribution of poultry products across a diverse array of channels.
  • Revolutionizing Poultry Feed Marketing: Share inventive strategies for promoting poultry products, harnessing the potential of digital platforms and social media networks.
  • Progressive Techniques in Poultry Product Advancements: Introduce pioneering techniques and processes propelling the development of poultry products, thereby augmenting their quality, nutritional profile, and market appeal.
  • Navigating Evolving Poultry Feed Regulations: Offer insights into the fluid landscape of regulatory frameworks governing poultry feed, focusing on specific market nuances.
  • Innovations in Poultry Feed Production: Showcase strides made in technological innovation and uncharted methodologies shaping the production of poultry feed, ushering in higher efficiency and product quality.
  • Advancements in Poultry Feed Packaging: Explore emerging packaging technologies, materials, and practices that heighten the safety and longevity of poultry feed products.
  • Targeted Approaches to Enhancing Poultry Feed Safety: Spotlight focused facets of poultry feed safety, divulging pioneering research, methodologies, and technologies.


Join us in shaping the future of poultry production in Tanzania. Submit your proposal and become a part of the Tanzania Poultry Show 2023!


Let your expertise pave the way for a revolution in the Tanzania poultry industry.


Submission Deadline: September 20th 2023


For further information and proposal submission, kindly contact M

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